Hello. Can you please help me find the clutch that Seulgi wears at Gimpo Airport on 141006 ?

Hello anon!

I am sorry for the super late answer, but the truth is, when I received this question I was like: That clutch…

That *insert bad words* clutch.

First of all, confirm me that you are talking about the clutch featured in the perfect look Seulgi wore, as you said, at Gimpo Airport on October 6th. Glorious and glorious pt2.

Let me tell you. No, I am sorry I can help you… For now. Remember my words anon, I am going to find it. Because I know that style. Because I know that font and because I just need an HQ photo of the clutch to see the words written on it lol.

So I am going to find it because I’ve been an entire week struggling to find it. And I am so mad. And fuck my life where is that clutch from and why is it so familiar. I am not okay with you, clutch.

Some angel can help me us maybe? But, for now… Sorry anon, still searching for it!

ps. Her boots. Ikr, it hurts. How to rich. Searching them as well because cute.

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update : everything about the new ohredvelvet !

Hello cupcakes!

Since the blog is returning tomorrow, I wanted to do this not-so-tiny post about the new things that you’ll see in the blog in the near future.

1. New “Events” page. You are going to be able to find all the events the girls had and you can click on them to see the clothes that they were wearing during that event (And I found). Also, it’s going to include the future events. The only problem is that all the events under the Happiness era are still not tagged, so for now, it’s just going to be from the Be Natural Era and beyond. Under construction, probably up tomorrow.

2. New “Inspired” posts. You wanted it, I know. Tons of questions about inspired this and inspired that. I like to hear your doubts so just ask for it! From now on, I am going to post not just exacts but inspired outfits too. Just send me a message and tell me what you want to see and I’ll do it! Starting October, 9th.

3. New theme + logo + icon + mobile theme. Everything is up. Inspired in the Be Natural teasers, minimal. The logo is already done, you just have to wait for posts to see it!

4. Unfollows everywhere. I unfollowed you maybe? I am so sorry. I just unfollowed everyone but the RV updates tumblr I use for photos + news. That’s because of my “I don’t have time I can’t enter tumblr and scroll down for 5 hours”. I need to make the things easier for me, and I just prefer to enter tumblr, see the news, and that’s it. But I still follow you from the shadows, hehe.

5. Red Velvet…? It was Fashion. Now i’ts Style. Red Velvet Style. Why? I just like it more, that’s it.

Last but not least, a little thing more. I am not going to be super active. I don’t have tons of time to search for things as I would like to, that’s why, if you find something that the girls have worn and it’s not on the blog… Tell me! You are going to be credited for it, promise.

But still, I am going to try my best and put my little free time in this blog.

Oh! You can follow me on instagram if you want to contact me for something personal @beimeow. No posts now, but if you follow me, you can expect some cute surprises in your instagram really soon! And see my face a thing you ask for tons and tons and my personal style.

Love, Coral xx

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update : comeback on oct 9th !

Since I’ve been off during the past month, I want to apologize to you guys.

I have various reasons, but they all can be explained really easily: I was and I am really busy.

That’s why, I was about to leave the blog… But I enjoy this! So I am going to try to give to this blog and to the girls a little bit of time every day so you can be updated to RV’s fashion:) This is obviously not going to be as active as it was in the past… But I’ll try to update with at least one post a day!

Let’s comeback together with Red Velvet tomorrow, October 9th.

New theme and new things coming soon!

Love you<3

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for the irene transparent jacket do you know where i can find it instock?

Hello anon!

Are you talking about the teaser jacket because I found this piece a few weeks ago. You can find the post with a link to buy it here

It’s that what you where searching for? Have a nice day!

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Hi, do you have any lists of cool Korean clothing stores - affordable and able to send internationally.

Hello anon!

If you are searching for online stores that have international shipping, are affordable and with a medium quality, I highly recommend you SheInside. I don’t think it’s korean, but it’s asian clothing so I hope it helps:)

Also you can check out Romwe, Chicwish, Choies and YesStyle.

I can recommend you SheInside (I bought some pieces from them and, they haven’t disappointed me yet, the shipping takes a pretty long time (15-20 days?… But it’s free so lol). And I also bought stuff in TBDress which is not popular but they had an Asos romper for 60% and yah…

If you are searching for KOREAN KOREAN, then you can check out Stylenanda, Chuu, Miamasvin and Dabagirl. All of them are korean but I don’t know about the shipping and they are a little bit more expensive than the other ones because they are popular in Korea and the quality is much better. I never bought from them but I love to scroll down in their stocks because their clothes are just amazing. Also a lot of kpop idols wear their stuff!

And you also have WConcept but I don’t know if they ship internationally and they sell more “brand” and pretty expensive items:)

Hope I could help you, have a nice day!

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Hi. I love your blog! I was wondering if you knew where I could find Irene's mickey mouse shirt from Super Junior Ryeowook's Kiss The Radio :)

Hello anon! Thank you for your support, love you more<3.

Unfortunatly, I haven’t been able to find this shirt yet! (Even though that outfit was just on point in general). I am going to keep searching so maybe I can find it and give you a link to buy it!

By the way, I am going to take a moment to tell you guys that I am sorry if I am a little inactive those days. I know I’ve been lacking on posts and I am not as active as I used to. Tomorrow I am going to the beach until Monday and in Tuesday I am starting my classes again. Even though it’s true I am going to be so busy with classes, somehow I know I am going to be able to be here more because the daily routine always helps me with finding time to rest! So I hope next week I can be here a little bit more.

And also, RV has been pretty inactive those days (Promotions ended) so now it’s time to find all those outfits from the promotions since we are not going to see them in a long time, probably:)

Have a nice day!

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How are you and how’s your day going so far?^^

Have a nice day!

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Your blog is awesome man

Yo, yo ~~

Thank you very much. Impressive how can just a “man” at the end of a sentence transform it into something more… “shockingly urban”.

Yeah, well, whatever. Thank you, man <3.

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I know some admins from other fashion blogs that are actually majoring in fashion in college. I was just wondering.

Majoring in fashion? That really exists? Wow. Sounds interesting, tho.

Okay thanks for the explanation, but I am not one of them! I like fashion but I don’t feel like focusing my life entirely to it. I mean maybe as an important part of it, but majoring in publicity is my thing!

Thanks for answering my doubts, tho^^

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Hi. I'm the anon who ask for the shoes pink that Irene wears sometimes. I'm sorry, this isn't Irene who has this shoes but Seul Gi. I found the performance when she wears this shoes. This is the performance of Inkigayo, 140803. Thank you.

Then it makes more sense anon! I actually knew this shoes and I was like: Yeah, the ones from the SMTown Seoul.

But then it was Seulgi and I was like: #Nothingismakinganysense

Whatever. I get it. I thought this shoes where Vans at first but no, they weren’t. The “logo” is really similar but they are definetly not from Vans. I am sorry but I am still searching for them, and with those shoes I’ve been struggling for a long time now, actually because Irene, Seulgi and Wendy wore them in those set of outfits just in different colors, so it would be a good find to discover the brand of these shoes!

I am sorry, tho. Nothing for now. I will keep you updated:)

PD: Still. Vans (the old school ones) are similar so, here you have a get the look. Not really low cost but… Hope it helps?

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